Arkansas Farm Bureau has a proven record of legislative success both within our state and at the national level. We monitor government activity, promote sound laws and regulations, initiate and support community activities and encourage grassroots activism. We are a grassroots organization and our members and volunteer leaders serve as our guide and work together to define our goals and objectives.

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Election Registration Rules 

If you have not registered to vote, you must do so 30 days before an election. If you have altered the facts on your voter registration (changed name or address) you must notify the county clerk 30 days before an election. 


Methods of registration for Arkansas residents who are at least 18 years of age and a U.S. citizen: 1) county clerk's office in you home county; 2) state revenue office; 3) public library or Arkansas State Library; 4) public assistance agency; 5) disability agency; 6) military recruitment office; 7) Arkansas National Guard; 8) any voter registration drive; and 9) mail-in registration. 

Online voter registration information can be accessed at:


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