Arkansas Political Directory

Find information on races, candidates, ballot issues and elected officials.


Arkansas Political Directory

Welcome to the Arkansas Political Directory, a resource provided by the Arkansas Farm Bureau.

Arkansas Farm Bureau has published an Election Directory, listing candidates in primary and general elections, every election year since 1972. We created this digital tool to deliver information to voters on candidates, ballot issues and current elected officials. Search using candidate names, races, counties, offices and more or use our interactive map.

Formed in 1935, Arkansas Farm Bureau represents more than 190,000 member families around our state. We are a grassroots organization that advocates for and promotes agriculture throughout Arkansas, the region and the country.

We connect consumers with the farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to provide the world with food, fiber and shelter. We speak out on the issues that matter to farmers, ranchers and rural communities in the halls of government and we share the latest news, facts and stories about agriculture in Arkansas. Learn more about Arkansas Farm Bureau here.